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While most of us do not realize it, film sheets are used in a wide variety of applications all around us. Most of these films and sheets start out life being manufactured by major film manufacturers and wrapped onto large drums in various sizes. But there are many more steps in processing these films and sheets before they reach the hands of consumers. Therefore they need to be slit and cut into various sizes before they can be used in various applications.

ITOHROKU has the ability to precisely cut these film sheets into various sizes required by applications ranging from semiconductors, electronic materials, LCD, medicine and other fields. Needless to say, in order to provide high quality products, high levels of technology and cleanliness are required. And ITOHROKU continues to pursue its goal of becoming the gonly companyh that can provide these services. 

So for any of your slit cutting processes for film sheet needs, please contact us here at ITOHROKU.


Goro Ito
President, ITOHROKU Co., Ltd.

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